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If you are a distinguished gentleman who would like to double the fun, I have 3 exciting duo packages with my lovely lady friends in the Bay area.  These packages are carefully designed to meet your very specific needs; be it a night on the town, dinner and deserts or just an intimate rendezvous.

Double The Fun

Night On The Town

This package is an excellent choice for those who are very adventurous and would love to have the company of 2 gorgeous women for a night on the town. Our rendezvous can begin with some cocktails, followed by dinner, perhaps a bit of live show or performance followed by us creating our own show.  Simply contact me and let me know if this is what you would like to explore and I will gladly coordinate such a journey for the 3 of us.

Joelle Julian

Dinner & Deserts

This package is more suitable for those who would like to relax and socialize. It consists of 60 minutes drinks/dinner at a restaurant of your choice and 60 minutes of full bliss afterwards

Intimate Rendezvous

​This package is more suited for the ever so busy individuals who would like to have the company of 2 gorgeous women for 90 minutes of fun

"Too much of a good thing can be wonderful"

By Mae West and I fully agree ;-)

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