Frequently asked questions

Do you have reviews?

My reviews can still be found on TER and PD. I was in the top 10 ladies list in SF on TER at the time it is went dark, dating back to 2009.

What kind of people do you enjoy?

I enjoy respectful and kind people from all walks of life. I have no restrictions on race or appearance. I just ask that you be on your most gentlemanly behavior, squeaky clean and with a smile, ready to have a wonderful time. I do prefer men 30+ in age.

Why is your face hidden?

I have chosen to keep my face private, to assure both my own anonymity as well as yours when we are out in public together. I assure you if you are pleased with what you can see of me in my pictures thus far, my face will be the icing on the cake.

Do you screen?

I do all screening and booking personally via email with advance notice so that I may make our time together as perfect for you as possible! I do not use my phone until I am on my way to see you. I answer all complete email inquiries within a 24hr period.

What are your turn offs?

Stubble aka 5 O'clock shadow - Not placing the donation in a visible location when you first arrive. - Incomplete introductory emails - Not reading my ad prior to contacting me - One line emails from a stranger - Vulgar & explicit emails - Last minute cancellations - Calling unexpectedly - Gossip

Do you enjoy women?

Yes very much so, I have a few wonderful ladies who genuinely enjoy women to invite to play with us at your request. My Bay area and Sacramento playmates pictures are featured on my Friends Page.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Currently I accept cash, pay pal and very soon all major credit cards.

What are your turn ons?

See my Spoil Me Page :-)